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Substitute Dried basil for Fresh – The Great Nutrient Herb

Basil is among the herbs that has been an issue for many centuries. Basil is a useful aromatic herb. The aroma is because of the volatile and essential oils present in the oil glands of leaves. Basil leaves are used in a variety of dishes including pasta, salads, fish, and sauces. In case you don’t have freshly plucked basil leaves, you can use dried basil leaves, which is indeed the best substitute. In such cases, it’s important to substitute dried basil for fresh to ensure the aromatic freshness. We’ll discuss here the various aspects of this issue.


Dried herbs are widely used in recipes to ensure freshness. As fresh herbs are delicate, you need to add the herbs at the end of the cooking. On the other hand, dried herbs need more time to cook. Therefore, dry herbs are added at an early stage of cooking.

For example, for uncooked and short cooked fresh herbs are used. Dishes that entail long cooking, sauces (winter foods) need to be cooked with dried herbs. You can add the herbs during the start of the cooking and this will bring a distinct taste. Fresh bais imparts excess brightness and fresh note that is not in sync with the cooking process.

Why is basil so important?

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Basil is an important herb thanks to its flavor, which is a unique and distinct from other herbs. Its flavor is different in fresh and dry states. Dried basil could have a higher potency and flavor. Further, it also has distinct sweetness when compared to fresh basil.

Often, you may not get the fresh herb. Therefore, it is convenient to convert the leaves into a quality dry bit that might prove to be a little hard.

In such a case, it is recommended that you chose to use four to eight fresh basil leaves. This is equivalent to one tablespoon of dried basil. However, two tablespoons of dried basil are equivalent to using 12 fresh leaves.​

Dried basil to fresh basil leaves conversion

When you use different drives in cooking there is a common rule that comes to the and that determines the ratio of fresh leaves to the dry leaves.

This is because the dried herbs are more effective and are concentrated than fresh herbs. when you use dried leaves you will and need here of them then when you use fresh herbs. Thus, when a recipe is to be made from 1 teaspoon of fresh oregano you need just one tablespoon up dried have. this is because the one teaspoon of dry of the dried leaves is 3 tbsp shop oregano of the herb.

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Therefore, it is better to buy fresh herbs and store them so that they become dry and now you can use them as and when. For this, you need to get freshly collected leaves and wrapped them in a paper towel and store them in resealable plastic bags. Then, you need to put them into the refrigerator dried hands story that right hand out of away from light and in a dry and cool place. Make sure to watch other time for which the herbs have been in the open. Be aware that if you keep them in the open for a longer time than desired, they lose the aromas and taste less-flavored.

How much dried basil equals fresh?

Now the moot question is about the right quantity of dried basil that is equivalent in bringing the good benefits of fresh.

The commonly made substation m is one teaspoon (crumbled or chopped) take the place of one tablespoon of fresh basil. In other words, you need to use one-third of dried basil to bring the same effect that happens when three cups fresh basil.

The best answer is two teaspoons of fresh is equivalent to one teaspoon dried. The explanation goes thus: if the original recipe needs two teaspoons of finely chopped fresh basil, substitute the number of leaves of the herb with one teaspoon of when substituting dried basil. This is because of it’s going to enhance the flavor.

When you substitute dried basil for the fresh leaves in the recipe, be aware that the conversion ratios should only be used as a general rule. This is thanks to the flavor losing tendency.

It’s important to note that when converting fresh basil to dried basil, you need to use the right conversion ratio. The common view of experts’ opinion is that you should use twice as much fresh as you use dried basil.

How much dried basil equals 1/2 cup fresh?

As we already mentioned, one cup fresh basil is equal to half-teaspoon of fresh is equal one teaspoon dried basil if you’re planning to make standard recipe. Two tablespoons of chopped fresh basil, you can substitute the quantity with one tablespoon of dried basil leaves.

How to do it?

Before you start seasoning your dish, crush the died in yr plans of the hand or between fingers. Once they become powder, check out the smell. If the aroma has a strong flavor, it indicates that it has a strong aromatic effect.

On the other hand, if the aroma is a light, it indicates that at your dry basil. Under the circumstances, you may want to judge indicated in the original recipe.

You can also determine the basil potency is by evaluating it by its color. If it looks good and green, odds are more that it has great strength.


The dried basil is rich in nutrients. Yet we often use fresh basis. Dried basil is a great source of vitamin K and contains nutrients that are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other properties. Studies show that it causes a healthy effect on the respiratory system and can be consumed as herbal and other forms of tea. Basil tea is good effect in problems such as nausea, dysentery and stomach ache. Therefore, it is likely to benefit if you use basil on a regular basis. Ensure you substitute dried basil for fresh. This will bring you the desired results. It enhances the flavor and has a positive impact on health.

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