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How to Make Keurig Coffee Taste Better? – 7 Effective Tips You Need to Know

Keurig, undoubtedly, is the modern version of the conventional coffee maker. And if you take your morning cup of coffee very seriously, then it’s not uncommon to ask the question, how to make Keurig coffee taste better?

It’s undeniable that Keurig prepares coffee of the highest quality. But does that mean your hot caffeine-infused beverage is also the most delicious consistently? If not, then here are the most effective 7 ways to make sure that happens every single time you decide to brew coffee using your precious Keurig machine.

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How to Make Keurig Coffee Taste Better?​

#1 Double Up and Use Low-Ounce Settings

Keurig coffee doesn’t taste good anymore; this is a very common complaint. The best way to combat weak-tasting coffee is by opting for 2 pods instead of 1. And also by using the lowest brew size setting instead of the 8-ounce option.

When you select 8 ounces, what you’re doing is watering down the coffee. Think about it logically. After all, the quantity of grounds remains the same irrespective of how much water is being used. Am I right?

Notoriously bitter would be an apt way for describing a freshly prepared cup of coffee by Keurig. So you can mellow down your favorite drink by adding a tiny bit of salt, only a pinch though. What salt does here is gives rise to a chemical reaction that dials down the acidity of the coffee. And this paves the way for a much smoother taste.

#2 Grind Your Own Coffee Beans​

If you’re a genuine coffee lover, then this shouldn’t be the first time you’re reading that grinding your own coffee beans and using the freshly ground batch for brewing delivers the most delicious taste. This is why K-cups are so carefully sealed to preserve all the freshness and aroma and to increase the shelf-life of the coffee inside.

Even so, K-cups do contain oxygen to a certain degree. And that might strip away some of the freshness and quality of the coffee grounds. In that case, if you want to completely ditch using K-cups because of this reason or another like the damage they’re causing to the environment, then here’s something you can do.​

Just get a reusable K-cup filter. It allows you to work with pre-ground or freshly ground beans of your choice. Who says you can’t enjoy the same instant gratification by using your own ground coffee with your precious automatic brewing system!

Grinding your own favorite coffee beans also reduces your caffeine consumption. So this means you’re hitting not 2 but 3 birds with one stone.

#3 Use the “Strong” Button on your Keurig

Neglecting the “Strong” option in the menu of the Keurig’s digital screen is very common. Not many users give this particular button a second thought. And that’s wrong because you can use the setting to your advantage.

Keurig’s strong setting increases the strength of your coffee simply by extending the time taken for brewing. The brewing time for normal 8-ounce cups is around 43 seconds. But if you like your Keurig coffee too strong, then how about increasing the brewing time to 1 minute, 15 seconds? And there, that’s the perfect answer to, how to make Keurig carafe coffee stronger?

#4 Increase Keurig Water Temperature

Now you should know that temperature plays a crucial role when it comes to brewing coffee. Only when the water temperature is high enough can the coffee grounds get extracted thoroughly.

So to make this possible, run just a water cycle prior to brewing if your Keurig has not been in use for a few hours. It heats your machine, thus making the water slightly warmer and delivering the perfect strong cup of morning coffee your taste buds demand.

Now I won’t deny that Keurig brewing systems don’t use the accurate quantity of hot water required for preparing the most delicious coffee. In fact, this is a very common complaint among Keurig coffee maker users. So, like I already told you, run the water cycle for heating your Keurig before brewing the K-cup.

Obviously, get rid of the water and then insert your K-cup for brewing. At this point, your machine is slightly hotter than usual. That means more coffee extraction takes place, so you achieve the exact taste you’ve been looking for.

To be honest, this particular method is worth trying as it also helps in overcoming Keurig’s limitation.

#5 Clean the Coffee Maker Regularly

Debris and oil build-up in the Keurig coffee maker is inevitable as a result of frequent use. And when this is not cleaned, you can expect it to harm the taste and flavor of the coffee. So if the quality of your beverage is declining, try cleaning your machine thoroughly.

Bacteria accumulation in the brewer makes the coffee taste unpleasantly bitter. But you can get rid of all this mess simply by washing out the Keurig machine.

And here’s how to do that:

  • Fill the reservoir of the coffee maker with white vinegar. Start the brewing cycle until all this vinegar in the water rank runs out. You can also use lemon water in case you don’t wish to use vinegar.
  • After that, run 1-2 cycles with only water for flushing out the remaining vinegar and its smell. And that’s about it.

#6 Select Darker, Bolder Roasts

In case you’re using pre-ground or freshly ground coffee, go for darker, bolder roasts. When you’re not happy about the strength of your coffee, then chances are you’ve been drinking a lighter roast.

The thing about a light roast and Keurig is that the latter waters down the former. Even with medium roasts, water and the coffee come in contact with one another for just a few seconds. Unfortunately, this is the case with every Keurig machine.

So when you upgrade to dark roast or extra-bold coffee, your beverage is bound to stay away from the weak side. And not seem like you’re drinking just caffeine-flavored water.

#7 Pull Out Your Cup, Always

The final few drops are almost usually just water since the processing of the coffee is already done. More often than not, these last drops only water down your drink further. As a result of which coffee tastes watery even though it wasn’t like that just a few seconds ago. In light of the matter, how about removing the cup before those drops invade it?

Don’t wait for the machine to ruin your strong cup of coffee by watering it down further. Your Keurig features a reservoir for collecting any overflow. So just keep in mind to empty and clean the thing regularly.

The End

It doesn’t matter if you hate or love your Keurig machine. The truth of the matter is that the coffee maker offers unbeatable convenience. It meets your daily on-demand caffeine requirements. If you love the brewer, then great! But if you don’t, then I have discussed 7 different ways to prepare better coffee using your Keurig.

However, the fact remains unchanged. That coffee by Keurig can sometimes taste less flavorful and weaker than regular brewing methods. Irrespective of whether you’re using a reusable coffee filter or K-cup!

Those that have already purchased or are compelled to use a Keurig might find these tips very useful. It’s not like you’ve got yourself in a sticky situation. The methods discussed above make sure you never have to choose between convenience and flavor ever again. Both are pretty much the part of the deal if you follow the instructions.


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