Can You Freeze Mascarpone?

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Whether preparing a meal for yourself, or a lavish dinner for your family, mascarpone cheese makes the occasion special if you use it as an ingredient. In such situations, you might end up with some leftovers of the cheese from the recipe.

Mascarpone cheese is relatively easier to make than the other cheeses, but it requires a lot of time. For that reason, most people think they would rather make a large batch and freeze it for a couple of days.

The problem is can you freeze mascarpone cheese that can be used later during the year? Some people insist that freezing it could ruin the cheese. This can take a big toll on those who love the soft cheese as to what to do with it. Keep reading to find out the truth on whether freezing mascarpone cheese is the only option for you or not.

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What is mascarpone cheese?

Mascarpone cheese has its origins from Northern Italy. There are a lot of theories about how the name came into existence, but one thing remains clear, this cheese was first made during the Renaissance period.

You can make mascarpone cheese from only two ingredients which are whole cream and citric or even tartaric acid. Since it’s quite simple to make, most people prefer making it at home, and it can be stored in an open container for a few days.

A well-made Mascarpone cheese should be smooth without lumps. It has a milky, sweet, and tanginess flavor. Its buttery flavor comes from the high content of butter. However, people who have tried to make this cheese admit that it tends to go bad quickly.

This cheese doesn’t have rennet, so it’s loved by most vegetarians. While rennet is commonly used to cuddle different varieties of cheeses, Mascarpone cheese uses an acid which you can get from either the fruits such as a lemon juice or you can use tartaric acid.

You can use mascarpone cheese in most of the desserts including tiramisu. It is a suitable replacement of cream cheese for those looking for a lighter and fluffier result.

Cooking with Mascarpone cheese

This is versatile cheese which was developed over many years ago to be used as an ingredient in the Italian dessert called tiramisu. No caterer, chef, housewife, or restaurant should be without it. It’s one of the most loved cheese you can ever find.

Apart from tiramisu, you can use mascarpone cheese on sweet and savory meals, leaving you to enjoy the cheese on all your favorite dishes. With its creamy element, it’s a suitable addition to pasta. You should use it alone or together with a sauce.

Now, a meal you can be proud of is only moments away when you use mascarpone cheese. If you want, you can also use the cheese as a replacement of cream in a lot of pasta dishes.

With mascarpone cheese, you can’t go wrong as you can make your dishes such as lasagna, baked rigatoni, and macaroni rich and creamy. If you enjoy thick soup, you can use this cheese to have a creamy dip.

Leaving space for dessert becomes mandatory when you consider this delicious cheese. One of the perfect ways to enjoy eating the cheese as a sweet dessert is by decorating on top of it with cocoa powder and chocolate shavings.

Can you freeze mascarpone?

Mascarpone cheese is so appetizing and full of flavor that most people wouldn’t stomach seeing it going to waste. While the cheese is not considered as the best item for freezing, there is a way you can preserve it.

So, everything boils down to can you freeze mascarpone that has been leftover? If you can’t resist a delicious meal with this cheese, freeze it. Since this is a soft cheese, the liquid and the solids separate from each other. However, you can whip the frozen mascarpone to restore its texture.

There are few kinds of soft cheese that you can successfully store in a freezer and mascarpone is one of them. Still, you will need to take some precautions when freezing it such as sealing the cheese in an airtight container.

Freezing mascarpone cheese

The mascarpone cheese which is open can be sealed tightly in its original container. Nevertheless, that’s not all as you need to pack it inside a plastic freezer bag to reduce the risks of it getting the freezer burn.

By now, it shouldn’t bother your mind to the question can you freeze mascarpone cheese which has been leftover? But, you need to consider the following steps.

  • If the mascarpone cheese is not open, leave it in its original package. However, if they are the leftovers that you are freezing, place the cheese into the freezer bag.

  • Squeeze out the air inside the plastic freezer bag before sealing it tightly. The air is the culprit for causing freezer burn.

  • Label the freezer bag with the date and name of the contents. The expiration date should also be indicated which is about three months after storing it in the freezer.

  • If you want to remove the mascarpone cheese, let it thaw in the refrigerator. After six to eight hours before you can take it out.

  • Pour it into a mixing bowl while it’s still cold. You can whip the cheese with the electric mixer to recreate its original structure. The whipping process should be done for one or two minutes until it appears thick and creamy once again.

Best practices for mascarpone cheese

The idea is to use mascarpone cheese which is almost in a perfect condition. Before using it, remove the cheese at least 8-12 hours earlier. Once it has thawed thoroughly, use a spoon to put it in a bowl.

At this point, the cheese should have separated and some grainy texture might be present. So, use a whisk to whip it until it separates and gets back to its original texture which is light and fluffy. Now, you are ready to use the mascarpone cheese as a recipe.

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